Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010

Emilie De Ravin über Rob!

What’s it like working with Robert Pattinson?
DE RAVIN: He’s such a nice, genuine, great guy as a person. And you know that’s always nice when you’re working with someone you get along with. [He's] very giving. We sort of worked on stuff a lot together and we’d talk about things and really developed our characters together as much as we could. And that’s a real give and take thing if you’ve got one person not wanting to do that and one that does—it sort of creates a bit of conflict. But we were both sort of on the same page with everything, which was great.

Are there any memorable scenes that really stick out for you in this movie?
DE RAVIN: That I can talk about without giving away anything? [Laughs]. There’s a lot. I had a wonderful time. We had a lot of fun. There was one scene that I was really excited about doing with Chris (Cooper) who plays my Dad. We have a big fight and that was just such a sort of emotionally challenging, interesting theme because it was sort of one of those things that —we’re very evenly matched as our characters as father and daughter—it’s not sort of one undermines the other. So that was a lot of fun to play with. And, you know, Rob and I had a lot of fun playing together. We had a really fun sort of water fight scene. Just getting to do something like that that’s so sort of playful and fun.

Damit ist dann wohl diese Szene hier gemeint^^

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