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San Diego 6 Interview mit Rob!

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Rob wer? Ja ne is klar ;O

Remember Me star Emilie De Ravin has said she didn't know who co-star Robert Pattinson was before the movie.

De Ravin, 28, who also played Claire in US drama Lost, admitted that she wasn't aware of his level of fame prior to shooting the film.

She said: 'I didn't really know who he was! I've never been a tabloid reader or a person who follows what somebody is going to the grocery shop for.'

De Ravin added: 'The fan base is wonderful. But shooting with Rob in New York was crazy. There were girls climbing all over him, which did make things difficult.

'He'd been through it all before, but it was very new to me. Because the majority of fans were teenage girls, I felt like: 'Oh, God, they all hate me!''



IESB Interview mit Peter!

IESB: What is your favorite genre?

PF: I don't really have one, I try to do different things, what's appealing to me is to continue to push myself as an actor to do genres that I haven't done before, to try to surprise an audience as opposed to have them come to a Peter Facinelli movie and say, "hey, I know exactly what to expect." And when I line up characters like the Big Kahuna character I did with Kevin Spacey and put that next to the Fast Lane character and I put that next to the Scorpion King character and that one next to the Carlisle and put that character next to the Nurse Jackie character, they're vastly different from each other and that's what drives me as an actor. I am happy I look so different from Carlisle because no one confuses me with him, I think they are happy I am the actor that played that role and so, I just, as an actor, continue pushing myself. I like to win audiences over too, I mean, when I got the role for Twilight, there were a lot of people that hit the internet when I first got it and we're like, "I can't believe they cast Mike Dexter from Can't Hardly Wait as Carlisle." But now that they've seen the movie they've changed their minds.

IESB: I almost didn't recognize you.

PF: They are vastly different characters.

IESB: So are you getting ready for this big epic finale Breaking Dawn, they are saying it's a two parter, possibly 3D, are they telling you to expect double the time for production?

PF: I haven't really thought about it much. We just came off of New Moon and I'm still in the gear of finishing up Eclipse, I'm getting ready to go out and promote Eclipse, that's my favorite book so I am excited to see that one hit the screens. But, I haven't really put much thought into Breaking Dawn, I think it will be bittersweet but I will be excited to be able to finish up this series and then move on from there.

IESB: I know Kristen Stewart is saying she is excited to see it broken up into a two-parter, would you like to see it that way?

PF: I would. I think it's a very big book, makes a great doorstop (laughing). It's a very thick book and has a lot of stuff going on so to try to squeeze that into two hours would be difficult so I think making it into two makes the most sense. I don't even know if they've made a decision on that yet, I heard that's what they were steering towards. But, I let them do their thing, when they call me to show up on set, that's where I'll be, I let them do the business stuff and I'm supportive of their decisions. Summit has done a good job with the books so far with picking the directors and putting the movies out there so I defer to them on those decisions and I'm just excited to bring Carlisle to life.

IESB: Any chance any of the previous three directors will return for Breaking Dawn or do you think they will go with one or two different directors?

PF: I think they would probably go with one because I think we would shoot it all as one and then it would be, in the editing room, split into two. I have no idea who they are looking at for directors, I'm out of that loop, but I am sure they will pick someone great. Maybe all three will come back to shoot it (laughing).

Komplettes Interview


Kellan, gestern in Carolina (Puerto Rico)

Er ist dort, um am Roselyn Sanchez Triathlon for Life teilzunehmen!

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Neues altes Bild von Alex...

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Chris Weitz:5 Geheimnisse zu New Moon!

Going for the Gold: In “Twilight,” RPattz and the rest of his vegetarian vampire cohorts have gold-colored eyes as a result of abstaining from consuming human blood. For “New Moon,” the vamps’ eyes were clearly more golden. Why’d Weitz have his actors switch to brighter contact lenses?

“It’s a more noticeable gold,” Weitz said. “I thought that in the first film they hadn’t popped quite enough and I wanted to have that sense of otherworldliness carry through more.”

The Silent Vampire: Actress Rachelle Lefevre was notoriously replaced in her role as the vampire Victoria following “New Moon,” with Bryce Dallas Howard taking over the part for “Eclipse.” In “New Moon,” Lefevre is seen but does not speak. Is there a connection between her lack of lines and what happened with the casting decision?

“It wasn’t so much that,” Weitz said. “There was a dialogue scene with her, and eventually that will show up whenever they release deleted scenes. It was one of those scenes that, when you look back at it, it’s kind of a surplus to the whole storytelling requirement of the movie. So there was no ill intent there. I wrote Rachelle and explained why that scene didn’t end up in the film, and in terms of filmmaking I can’t regret it, although I do regret it very much if it hurt Rachelle’s feelings.”

Why So Torn Up, Edward?: At one point in the film, Pattinson’s Edward Cullen appears in a ripped T-shirt, but we never learn why. So … what the heck happened?

“What it’s supposed to be is that he’s essentially been wearing the same clothes for several months, and that eventually they’ve just worn out because, as you I’m sure know, his body is like stone. So he must’ve rubbed up against something and it ripped,” Weitz said.

Our Lord?: In its Italian-set portions, “New Moon” features a significant amount of religious iconography, and Edward certainly suffers a great deal. Is he supposed to be a Christ figure?

“I think that he is in a sense he’s doomed to suffer eternally,” Weitz said. “He actually thinks of himself as a damned figure, but he’s wrong about that. So in some senses, yeah, he is a martyr figure.”

Black Eyes: In Stephenie Meyer’s book, Edward’s eyes go black in Italy. Why don’t his eyes turn in the film?

“It’s because I screwed up!” Weitz admitted. - Beste Antwort EVER!!!!!!!!

Really? He just forgot?

“Well, yeah, I kinda did,” he said. “Well, there are two reasons. One is that I messed up. The other reason is that I actually thought that onscreen it would be quite bizarre to see his eyes go completely black, and that it would be more satisfying and less jarring to have that moment of reunion be a reunion with revivified Edward. But probably, the long and the short of it, there are many details that I did not drop the ball on, and there are some that I did.”



Rob bereit für ein Baby?

is keen to start a family after his parents and siblings fooled him into thinking his mum was pregnant five years ago. The idea of having a baby brother to look after thrilled the "" star - but the pregnancy announcement turned out to be nothing but an April Fool's Day prank.

And Pattinson has been keen to become a big brother - or a dad - ever since. He says, "I've always liked the idea of having a younger sibling. My family tricked me about five years ago that my mum was pregnant. I didn't realize it was April Fool's Day!"

"I spent the entire day saying I was gonna have a little brother and told all my friends it was the best thing in my entire life. I carried on for like three days believing it!"

And playing a big brother in his new movie "" has only fueled Pattinson's parenting dreams. He adds, "After working on this movie, whenever I see a part now with a younger brother, or a part where I've got a kid... I just love the idea of that. I think I'm getting broody. It's so bizarre."


Kristen als Joan Jett!

That muss neu sein? Ich kannte es noch nicht...



Argentinia 3.November WHAT?

The Internet Movie Data Base, kurz Imdb , Breaking Dawn, aktaulisiert, wieso ich hier schreibe wie ein Roboter sprechen würde ist mir im Moment auch ein Rätsel, aber das interessiert jetzt auch nicht, denn ich hab mal wieder auf Imdb rumgestalkt und PAM

Steht das schon lange da? Und falls nicht, was hat das zu bedeuten?


Auf Twitter gefunden...

Sieht ganz schön echt aus, Komplimet an den Künstler :)



The Runaways Final Poster!



Mehr von Rob am BelAmi Filmset, heute!

Aua aua uuuu heiß, ich kann mir nicht helfen!

Boah, dieser Aufzug kommt gleich nach seinem Edward Cullen Outfit/Styling, ich wiederhole mich, heiß!

Ganz viel mehr Bilder auf RobertPattinsonLife + PopSugar


Kristen im Elle Magazine Scan!




Anna Interview!

Anna wurde kürzlich von E!Online interviewt, während sie zu Gast war auf der, da wo...wo sie dieses weiße Gewand getragen hat, ich, ehrlich gesagt ich hab's vergessen^^ Jedenfalls spricht sie u.a über die anstehende Oscar Verleihung, BD und ihren Lieblings Designer...

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Anna & Kristen bei den BAFTAs!

Ich wusste gar nicht, dass Anna direkt hinter Kristen saß!

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Peter Interview!

Peter über die Kampfszene in Eclipse: ''They get to see the Cullens in a way they've never seen them before...''

We had the chance to chat with Peter Facinelli at Sunday's Milk & Bookies fundraiser, where he blabbed about Robsten's on-set presence. He may have been vague about Twilight's true love story, but he did dish some deets about Breaking Dawn, Eclipse and whether his kiddies have read the Twilight series.

The Cullen family papa attended the event with his wife, Jennie Garth, and three daughters in tow, but, despite recently dropping the bomb that she's leaving 90210, J.G. got to sit back while reporters bombarded her hottie hubby in a chaotic interview.

As Marc Malkin revealed in his latest video blog, Peter kept his lips zipped when it came to any news of splitting Breaking Dawn into two movies, shrugging it off by saying no scripts had been written yet.

"It's a very thick book. I think that two movies would be a good thing for the franchise. I support it, but ultimately it's up to what Summit decides," Peter chatted, though he seemed to pick his words very carefully.

"I'm having a great time with the franchise, so if we get to do two more that would be fun."

We're thinking Peter is more interested in two Dawns being a good thing for his bank account. And with the amount of money these flicks have pouring in, we can't blame the sweet dude for wanting to double his paycheck.

While B.D. may still be far off, Eclipse is coming up soon, and Peter seems to think it's quite a bit more exciting than that New Moon bore.

Das komplette Interview findet ihr auf E!Online


Nikki beim...

Everlon Diamond Knot Collection Luncheon, gestern in L.A

Ich bin irgendwie gelangweilt, wenn ihr versteht ;)

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Hollywood Dailies Interview mit Michael Sheen!

Es geht u.a um Alice in Wonderland und er spricht auch ein bisschen über New Moon...


Remember Me Soundtrack + Filmmusik!

Coooooooooooool, darauf hab ich gewartet, die Musik ist es meiner Meinung nach die einen Film ausmacht, zumindest einen großen Teil :)

Hörproben zum Soundtrack gibt's auf Amazon HIER

1. Alien Lover - Luscious Jackson
2. Play On - Kottonmouth Kings
3. Kandles - National Skyline
4. Soft Shoulder - Ani Difranco
5. Have Mercy - Two Ton Boa
6. Hanging With The Wrong Crowd - Ed Harcourt
7. Why Did We Ever Meet - The Promise Ring
8. You Can See Me - Supergrass
9. Sea Of Teeth - Sparklehorse
10. Andvari - Sigur Ros
11. Parasol - The Sea And Cake
12. Soul Brother - Us3
13. Open Wide - Long Hind Legs
14. The Sun Keeps Shining On Me - Fonda

Hörproben zur Filmmusik (Score) ebenfalls auf Amazon HIER

Die Filmusik ist toll, vor allem Summer und Craig Worries, hört in jedem Fall mal rein :)


E!News Interview mit Rob!



Eternal Twilight 3 Convention in Birmingham

Hier ein Bild von Charlie, Tinsel, Christopher Heyerdahl, Kiowa und Jamie, entstanden auf der Eternal Twilight 3 Convention letzten Februar :)



Remember Me Podcast Part 2

Der 2. Podcast mit Rob und den Filmemachern von Remember Me ist nun auf itunes erhältlich HIER


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Noch ein Interview mit Chris!

Ich weiß, in den letzten Tagen hab ich euch bombardiert mit Interviews von ihm, aber ich find was er zu sagen hat, ist immer äußerst amüsant, und besonders dieses Interview!Außerdem ist es wirklich interessant was er so zur negativen Kritik an New Moon zu sagen hat!

I'm sure you've seen the Jimmy Fallon skits. Which begs the most important question of the day: How bothered is Robert Pattinson?

Chris Weitz: How bothered is he? Here's the thing. I am a pop culture moron. You'll have to tell me what happened.

Pattinson climbed into the tree with Fallon for Late Night's Bothered skit.

Chris Weitz: I haven't seen that. How bothered is Robert? He doesn't seem terribly bothered at all. No. I think he will be able to handle it.


This may have been one of the most popular yet most critically derided films of the past year. What do you think the fans see in it that the critics just don't get?

Chris Weitz: The critics are probably people that haven't read the books. Thus, they're not attached to the books in a way that the fans are attached to the books. I'm not incredibly surprised that it took a bit of a critical drubbing. There is an adherent disconnect between the fan base of the books and the critical base of people who review movies for a living. No surprises there, really. There aren't many Twihards amongst the reviews working for newspapers and websites. Also, it's a very female driven franchise. We still live in a state where pop culture is dominated by male desires.

Das komplette Interview gibt's auf Movieweb!


Rachelle bei Pre-Oscar Party!

Im Moment sinad ja die ganzen Pre-Oscar-Party´s und Rachelle wurde auch auf einer gesehen. Was soll ich sagen: Ich find diese Frau einfach nur schön!

"Stepping out for a fun-filled evening, Rachelle Lefevre was spotted at the 3rd Annual Women in Film Pre-Oscar Party last night (March 4).

The “Twilight” hottie was all smiles as she posed outside a private Bel Air residence, sporting a low-cut black dress with peep-toe heels."

Mehr Fotos bei

Da ist sie ja schon wieder :)

Anna bei der Art of Elysium’s “Pieces of Heaven” Art Auction, gestern...

Weitere Bilder:TeamTwilight


Bel Ami Filmset Update!


Artist on Artist mit Rob & Pierce!

Wir berichteten HIER davon und endlich gibt's das Video dazu :)



Sina musste schon weinen...

Wir freuen uns ja so.....denn.....




Danke! Danke! Danke! Danke! Danke! Danke! Danke! Danke! Danke! Danke! Danke! Danke! Danke! Danke! Danke! Danke! Danke!

Ihr seid die Besten!

Das Teil hier...

kannten wir bisher nur in Russisch, jetzt gibt's endlich die englische Version :)


Fan trifft Rob, noch ein Fanbericht!

Lassen wir zuerst einmal das Foto auf uns wirken...

und wirken

und wirken

und wirken

Fan trifft Rob vor seinem Auftritt in der Today Show

Sunday night I camped out with my girlfriends [at The Today Show] @pattyinnyc @lea1128 @rocar86, we were the first people online!

There was this guy name Joe who made sure Robert came to our side, Robert liked our poster signs, he looked at them smiled and took pics with us!

As he was going around signing I was telling people be easy he is coming to you relax, lmao. He looked down at me and asked me “are your OK?” I said “yes, I think I am your new bodyguard.” (he smiled)

In a video I tell him that I have a gift for him, it is a key chain, he heard me and said thank you. In a 2nd video I ask him about the the gift and talks right back to me!

I must say I had the time of my life! He smell so sweet and he is very nice!

Süß :)

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Bella vs. Elena

Das Seventeen Magazine hat ein Interview mit Nina Dobrev, dass ist die Tante, die in "The Vampire Diaries" diese Elena spielt. Ach, wieso erzähl ich das euch überhaupt? Ihr kennt die ja eh schon...ich bin halt der "Anti-TVD-Mensch"! Auf jeden Fall hat man ihr die Frage gestellt, was der Unterschied zwischen Bella und Elena sei.

"In the April edition of Seventeen Magazine, The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev (aka Elena Gilbert) compared her character on The Vampire Diaries to Bella from the Twilight Saga -

Bella vs. Elena: “I think that Elena has more awareness of her friends and family, and everyone around her, and looking out for everyone’s best interests. But Bella reflects that unconditionally in love, the blinded love that girls really do experience sometimes. They fall in love with someone and they’ll do anything and everything for that one person. I think I’m more like Elena but I have a little bit of Bella in me. When I’m in love with someone and they’re really important to me, I will definitely take care of them, but at the same time, Im not going to throw everything away for a relationship, I still have my friends and I still have an awareness of everything around me.”"

Source: Seventeen Magazine

Das ist ja nix für Vampire!

Haltet euch fest... jetzt gibts auch schon ein Twilight-Kochbuch! Ok es war ja eigentlich nur eine Frage der Zeit, wann sowas kommen würde, aber ich finds lustig. Selber würd ich mir sowas nie kaufen...aber naja. Ok, ok es ist noch nochtmal "offiziell", aber das interessiert Twi-HArds ja meistens wenig!

"An unofficial Twilight cookbook has been published. It's called Love At First Bite: The Twilight Cookbook and you can buy it from Amazon for around $10! Now you know what to turn to when you finally manage to snag a date with Robert Pattinson and want to cook for him.

A few to-die-for recipes in it include Harry's Famous Fish Fry, Blushing Bella Punch, Red velvet cake, and more.

The reviews for the book aren't too much to talk about though.Will you decide for yourself? Will you be buying the Twilight Cookbook anytime soon?"


Ein bisschen Spaß muss sein^^

Bella & Edward

So könnten die beiden in einigen Köpfen ausgesehen haben, bevor Rob und Kristen ins Spiel kamen :O

*Klicken für größer*



Rob & New Moon räumen ab bei den iVillage Awards!

Und zwar in den folgenden Kategorien...

Man You'd Trade Your Husband For - Edward in New Moon

Hottest 'New Moon' Hunk - ROB

Saddest Onscreen Split - Bella & Edward in New Moon



Rob am BelAmi Set!

Schicker Hut Rob

Ich kann mir nicht helfen, aber das ist definitiv sexy, Rob in diesen Klamotten...

Quelle:PopSugar via RobertPattinsonLife


Endlich eine Antwort auf diese Frage!

IESB: Is there a specific reason why you didn’t include any commentary from Kristen, Rob and Taylor on the DVD? Were they just not available?

Chris: I just didn’t want them to say anything bad about me. No. It was actually happenstance. These things are scheduled during the whole press bonanza that you’re doing and, on that particular day, everyone was in motion between one screening and the next, and I happened to be the only piece of the puzzle, as well as Peter Lambert, who was in London, that was available. Now, I’m sure there will be something on the Internet about some kind of scandal where we don’t like each other, or something. That will be interesting. I’ll have to check Twitter for that. But, it was really a much more boring reason than that.

Natürlich ist es schade, dass wir Rob, Kristen oder Taylor nicht zu hören bekommen, aber ich bin mir sicher mit Chris Weitz wird es richtig lustiiiiisch :)


Erinnert ihr euch noch daran...



Kristen über die BAFTA's und London!

Before the first Twilight movie in 2008, I was a much more open person. Now I spend a lot of time looking at the floor in public in an attempt not to get noticed. It can get a little boring. But whatever sacrifices I've had to make as a rising star, my job makes up for it a hundredfold.

I won the Orange Rising Star Award at the Baftas last week. As I stood on stage at the Royal Opera House, I felt overwhelmed – in front of all these industry people, whom I don't just admire, but who are the foundation of what I want to do. It's hard to explain how it feels being in the same room as Kate Winslet. Perhaps it's similar to how a Twilight fan feels on seeing me in person. - Ja, genau so muss das in etwa sein ;O
Some people say I'm anti-Hollywood, but I'm really not at all. I just think it's pretty weird to show up at things that you have no reason to go to. To go out just for the sake of it is plain ridiculous.

I've been asked a million times in interviews about being a role model. I don't really like to consider it. I'm aware that people look up to me, but I am myself for myself and not for anybody else. I choose my work impulsively.
I've been walking around London in a hoody these last few days looking at all the old buildings. It's all fine until a diehard fan notices your sneakers. But I can always see a crowd and turn around and walk the other way.
In terms of history, we have nothing in LA. Here you can feel Jack the Ripper lurking around every corner. It's nicer here because there's a sense that I'm a real person. Perhaps I'm more of a novelty. In LA I tend to get people who gawk at me like I'm an animal, take pictures and scream things at me. There's no way of being open in public anymore. There's a five-minute exchange every 30 seconds that prevents me from even buying a loaf of bread at the grocery store.

Kristen Stewart was talking to Charlotte Cripps

Was sie so über London im Vergleich zu L.A zu sagen hat find ich ziemlich interessant und der Spruch mit Jack the Ripper passt ja mal wie die Faust auf's Auge^^

Kristen auf Remember Me After Party!

Was soll denn das rote Band da? Flughafen oder what? Zur Passkontrolle hier entlang!Wohl eher die After Party auf der After Party ;O

Alle Bilder findet ihr auf RadarOnline


Filme mit Rob, DVD Infos!

LITTLE ASHES (DVD & Blu-ray): erscheint am 6. April 2010
Zum Inhalt:

1922 schreibt sich der junge Salvador Dalí (Robert Pattinson, "Twilight - Bis(s) zum Morgengrauen") an der Universität von Madrid ein, mit dem festen Wunsch, ein anerkannter Künstler zu werden. Hier lernt er Federico García Lorca (Javier Beltrán, "Zoo") kennen. Nach einiger Zeit werden die beiden ein Paar, was nicht ganz einfach ist, denn eine homosexuelle Beziehung wird zu dieser Zeit nicht anerkannt. Während Lorca mit seiner Sexualität keine Probleme hat, kommt Dalí nicht damit zurecht. Er begibt sich nach Paris, verkehrt dort in rechtskonservativen Kreisen und lässt sich mit der verheirateten Gala (Arly Jover, "Das Imperium der Wölfe") ein. Unterdessen engagiert sich Lorca für die Arbeiterklasse und gerät in große Gefahr...

Dieser großartig und stimmungsvoll inszenierte Film über das Leben des jungen Salvador Dalí besticht durch eine erstklassige Inszenierung, mit wunderbarer Musik von Miguel Mera und dem einfühlsamen Spiel des „Twilight“- und "New Moon"-Stars Robert Pattinson.

DAS HANDBUCH FÜR RABENMÜTTER (OT: The Bad Monther's Handbook): erscheint am 6. April 2010

Zum Inhalt:

Karen Cooper (Catherine Tate, „Liebe und andere Katastrophen“) hat mit ihrer Mutter Nan und Tochter Charlotte in einem gemeinsamen Haus mehr als genug um die Ohren. Nan (Anne Reid, „Die Mutter - The Mother“) hat nichts Besseres im Sinn, als Schabernack mit den Elektrogeräten des Haushalts zu treiben, und Charlotte steckt mit 17 noch ziemlich tief in der Pubertät. Karen beschließt, sich trotzdem ein bisschen Glück zu verschaffen und das Leben zu genießen. Doch die Nachricht, mit 34 Großmutter zu werden, stürzt das Trio endgültig ins Chaos. Nur gut, dass Charlottes schüchterner Schulfreund Daniel (Robert Pattinson) den Damen zur Seite steht…

„Das Handbuch für Rabenmütter“ ist eine liebevoll verfilmte Komödie nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Bestseller-Autorin Kate Long.

THE HAUNTED AIRMAN: erscheint am 3. Mai 2010
Zum Inhalt:

Toby Jugg (Robert Pattinson, "Twilight - Bis(s) zum Morgengrauen") war Pilot während des 2. Weltkrieges und kommt nun schwer verwundet nach England zurück. Er sitzt im Rollstuhl und hat außer mit seiner physischen Verfassung sehr mit seinen emotionalen Verletzungen, die ihm die Erlebnisse des Krieges zugefügt haben, zu schaffen. Für seine Rehabilitation wird er in ein Sanatorium nach Wales geschickt. Dort versucht Dr. Burns (Julian Sands) ihm mit Hilfe seiner Tante Julia (Rachael Stirling) den Weg zurück in ein normales Leben zu ebnen. Seine Genesung gestaltet sich jedoch schwierig. Zu tief sind die Verletzungen seiner Seele, zu schwer der Weg in die Wirklichkeit zurück zu finden. Die Umgebung des trostlosen Sanatoriums und der gemeine Psychiater lassen es Toby nicht schaffen, von seinen Albträumen und Visionen loszukommen. Er gerät zusehends in eine Abwärtsspirale aus körperlichen Schmerzen und seelischen Ängsten und Qualen, die ihn immer tiefer in die Verzweiflung treiben, wobei er sich redlich müht, nicht endgültig verrückt zu werden...

Ein wirklich faszinierend bedrückender Film, mit dem Regisseur Chris Durlacher sehr deutlich vermittelt, was Kriege mit den Menschen anrichten können. Tobi Jugg wird grandios von Robert Pattinson ("Twilight" und „New Moon“) gespielt.

Danke an Joana von PublicInsight für die Info!


Ich habe Angst vor der griesgrämigen Frau!

Ich weiß nicht wie es euch geht, aber mir macht sie ein bisschen Angst! Immer wenn ich irgendwelche Interviews gucke und sie plötzlich wie ein aufgescheuchtes Huhn wild gestikulierend durchs Bild springt, bekomme ich Angst und befürchte, dass sie mit ihrer Hand direkt durch meinen Computerbildschirm greift und mir in die Nase zwickt, weil ich es wage dieses Video zu gucken!

Ryan Seacrest hatte zeitweilen bestimmt auch ein bisschen Angst^^


10 Quick-Fire Questions:Chaske Spencer!

In the Twilight saga, if you had the choice, would you have chosen to be one of the Vampires or did you prefer being one of the Wolves?

Chaske Spencer: I prefer to be in wolf-pack!


What was it about the role of Sam Uley that attracted you to it?

Chaske Spencer: He is a great character, and it was an opportunity to break some of the native American stereotypes and use the platform to create positive, sustainable change in the world.


You're something of a sex symbol in the UK but are there any famous UK ladies that have particularly caught your eye?

Chaske Spencer: Kate Winslet.


The Twilight films and books are quite sexually charged in an understated/tasteful kind of way. Does any of that sexual tension translate to relationships between the cast off-screen?
iVillage editorial

Chaske Spencer: Me and Bronson (Pelletier, laughs) just kidding!

Das komplette Interview gibt's auf


Billy Burke in Removal!

Hier sehen wir Billy Burke in einem Trailer zu seinem neuen Film Removal!


Laufen ist gesund!

Auch wenn ich beim 12 Minuten Lauf in der Schule immer komplett versagt hab, bei Kellan sieht das alles so leicht und locker aus !

Twilight Kellan Lutz told New York Daily News this week that he wouldn't mind being Robert Pattinson "He's such a talented motherf******. I wonder how I can get what he has," said Lutz. As it turns out, Pattinson envies the Calvin Klein model too.

"He asks me what I do to work out because he wants man boobs like me." I can't really picture RPatz with a beefy build, but I would be curious to see it. Lutz told US Weekly (we like telling this story huh?) that he tried to help Pattinson bulk up with protein shakes and Muscle Milk but the Remember Me star couldn't stand the stuff.

Pattinson's lack of athleticism seems to be a group joke. Kristen Stewart told Harper's Bazaar last fall "I call him Flippy because when he does his stunt rehearsals, he flips around," she said, imitating a penguin's walk. "And God, when he tries to run..."

Weitere Bilder auf Socialitelife!