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MTV: 5 Gründe, wieso wir uns so sehr auf die Eclipse DVD freuen

Die ganze Woche lang hat sich Hollywoodcrush (MTV) damit beschäftigt, die 5 Hauptgründe aufzuschlüsseln, wieso wir uns auf die Veröffentlichung der Eclipse DVD freuen sollten. In Amerika kommt die DVD ja schon am 4. 12. in den Handel und es gibt dazu wie immer auch Midnight-Release Partys. Tja, von so etwas können wir nur träumen. Aber man soll ja nicht meckern...
Aber nun sind wir gespannt! Sind diese 5 Gründe auch auf euerer "Darauf freue ich mich jetzt schon" Liste ? Oder hat MTV das Wichtigste gar vergessen?

1. Grund -- Das Ansehen der Eclipse DVD verkürzt die Wartezeit auf Breaking Dawn!!

But let's face it, the real reason we're excited for "Eclipse" to hit DVD is because we're that much closer to the release of "Breaking Dawn."

The first official picture we saw last week was the perfect holiday present from director Bill Condon. And those paparazzi pictures we saw last month of Rob and Kristen smooching had us figuring out just how many days there are until "Breaking Dawn: Part 1"'s release date (350 days to be exact!).

There are plenty of reasons to be excited for "Breaking Dawn" to hit theaters. There's the wedding, the feather-filled honeymoon and, of course, the birthing scene to look forward to. Rewatching "Eclipse" is the perfect way to remind ourselves what we have to look forward to. The whole love triangle between Edward, Bella and Jacob is one of our favorite parts of the series, and we get to see it all come to a conclusion in "Part 1." Plus, there are plenty of cute Bella and Edward moments to enjoy. [...]

2. Grund -- David Slade erzählt über eine spezielle gelöschte Szene

Fortunately for all you Bella and Edward fans, one of the film's cut scenes is a "sweet little moment" between the two. Apparently there was a running argument between the couple throughout the course of the film, but David ultimately decided to cut it from the film.

"We were trying to get the film to a manageable length, to flow really well, and it was like hitting a speed bump. You just felt it every time you hit these scenes," he explained. [...]

3. Grund -- Kristen Stewart und Robert Pattinson´s Audio Kommentar

The tent scene is definitely a scene that we're excited to hear the full commentary on, but we have a couple other scenes that we're looking forward to as well. See what scenes they are and why we're psyched to listen to Rob and Kristen talk about them after the jump!

The Leg Hitch
This definitely holds the title of being the hottest make-out scene in the "Twilight" films, and Rob and Kristen's passion seemed very real. Maybe it wasn't even acting? These two made watching the tent scene awkward enough, but we can't wait to see what Kristen has to say when she watches Rob grab her leg and hitch it up over his hip. Sexy! [...]

4. Grund -- 6-teilige Making Of - Dokumentation

"All credit due to the people who made the behind-the-scenes. They were almost invisible when we were making the film. They really were exceptionally discreet. So I can't remember them ever being there," he said. "I noticed them with a camcorder every now and again. I remember grabbing a hold of it once or twice and gesturing into the camera, but other than that, I don't remember them being there. You could attribute this to old age."

All the more reason to pick up the DVD, we guess! [...]

Und der 5. Grund -- Edward und Jacob Fast Forward

Our favorite Edward scene is definitely the sleepover. How could it not be? We could watch that make out session and the leg hitch on repeat for hours. I mean, Bella's face is kind of covered, so it makes it easier to pretend that we're the girl Edward is macking on. That meadow scene is a close second though, made all the more special by the fact that it's the first scene we were teased with so long ago.

Fortunately for all you Jacob lovers out there, Edward isn't the only one getting some quality Bella time. How could we forget that first kiss in La Push (and the intense confrontation afterward), or their last kiss up on the mountain? That's plenty to swoon over by itself. Yet, in proper werewolf fashion, Jacob is shirtless for a majority of this film, often with his fellow wolves half-naked surrounding him, which gets us swooning even more. We definitely have a soft spot for pretty boys. [...]

via Hollywoodcrush via KstewAngel

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