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Stephenie Meyer´s & Wyck Godfrey´s Eclipse DVD Audio Kommentar *Spoiler*

Via Gossip-Dance

Die meisten von euch werden überrascht sein, dass Stephenie Meyer und Wyck Godrey echt ziemlich witzig sind :) und dass sich das Ansehen ihres Audio Kommentars auch lohnt. Es ist zwar nicht ganz so unterhaltend wie Rob&Kristen´s Kommentar, aber dennoch lustig :) Hier nun schon mal die besten Teile als Vorgeschmack auf den Audio Kommentar von SM und WG

• Supposedly a drunk friend was recording Xavier in his video audition he sent in.

• The title art was initially different. SM: It was boring.

• They chat about Bella having a voiceover at the start of every movie.
Wyck suggests Kristen’s voiceover for BD will simply be “I’m pregnant”. - LOL :) 

• SM describes the wig being a “diva”. i.e. requiring attention

• They joke about how Charlie is always drinking beer describing him as
being the most alcoholic cop in movie history. SM describes him as the
unsung hero of the Twilight series. Everyone loves Charlie. Then Wyck
says he’s a “sung hero”. People have actually written songs about him so
lookout on the next soundtrack.

• SM: Kristen’s skin is beautiful. (I whole heartedly agree SM!)

• They talk about fighting over the music. SM wanted Florence and the Machine song in the Beck and Bat for Lashes scene.

• SM likes Jasper’s hair despite it changing every movie. She thinks they finally got it right.

• They love Sarah Clarke. SM concludes Charlie and Renee are getting married again. ^^

• In the Bella riding off on Jacob’s motorbike scene they laugh about the windshield wipers on Edward’s car stopping right in front of Rob’s face all the time.

• Imprinting: They decided the Claire/Quil story will be held until BD

• They call the wolfpack nudists running around in “jorts”

• A few people on set replicated the “spider monkey” scene in the Cullen house soundstage.

• The tribal story scene was the worst scene to shoot besides the baseball scene in Twilight.

• Kristen as the 3rd wife made the test audience laugh-unintentionally funny so they cut it.
Haha-ja, das würde ich auch zu gerne sehen
• SM talking about the books of the Twilight Saga: “Chris really gets the rough end of the stick. He got the weird one” LOL

• SM also loves the sound of Bella’s hand crunching Jake’s face.
Da kann ich nur zustimmen :) 

• All the producers practiced the Jacob/Bella kiss.
What?! Wir benötigen Videomaterial davon!!^^

• SM walked out of Wyck’s trailer upset after seeing Angryward scene. She
knew Jacob’s arm would be ripped off if Eddie ever tried to grab him by
the shoulder.

• SM/Wyck call Emmett and Rosalie jerks for not coming to the graduation of their siblings.

• Wyck wanted Jacob to come into the graduation party scene as wolves to make a more dramatic entrance, or wearing jorts.

• Like Rob, Wycke also jokes that Alice looks drunk walking down the stairs before the flashback.

• Wycke to SM: “ you’re a logic nazi!”

• SM: Talking about changing the style of the wolves between NM and
Eclipse: “It’s just like the hair. Next time the wolves will be

• Jacob wolf looking arthritic as he walks away from Bella
• Wyck doing a Tenessee accent (its terribly funny)

• Like Rob, SM also commenting about Jasper’s “They’re verr come in the south”

• SM on the kid Jasper killed in the flashback: “That kid was nice, it
was sad when we had to kill him. We should have picked some child actor
who nobody liked”

• Talking about having a hot Rod party. SM : “the thing about wyck is, he lies a lot, and you can’t tell when he’slying or not.” Wyck: “Can we put Andy Samberg in BD?”

• SM has heard “imprint” and “battle” too many times, she no longer likes those words - LOL 

• SM was there for the leg hitch scene (there may be hope for the BD sex scene to be hot?)

• SM: “Kristen’s really authentic and vulnerable. “ (thumbs up SM!)

• Kristen running down to talk to SM wondering if she could do anything else during the leg hitch scene.

• Proposal scene: Rob keeps the ring under the bed. The first time they forgot about giving him the ring.
Da waren sie wohl alle etwas aufgeregt, was?! 

• Leg hitch: They knew it was a fandom request

• Wyck talking about Bella trying to seduce Edward: “I thought she could
have had him.” SM: “If only she had you there to advice her wyck.”

• They were almost going to flashback to Edward courting Bella back in
the olden days in black/white. Would have been unintentionally funny.

• In proposal scene Rob stressed out a lot. In the end the scene looked effortless

• Scene where Riley/Victoria kiss. Wyck: “He bites her lip!” SM: “ooh yeh I think you would lose a bit of lip there.”

• Korts=khaki shorts, Wyck plans to make a new line. SM will make a swing dance commercial for them.
Haha :D 

• Taylor dropped Kristen going up a hill when he had to carry her.
Da hat Taylor wohl nach 16 Stunden Dreh und Kristen auf den Armen durch den Wald schleppen schwlapp gemacht-er sollte wirklich mehr trainieren ^^


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