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Twilight Trio Interview mit MB

Kristen, Robs und Taylors Interview mit MB
- deren immer weiter wachsende Freundschaft, wie sie in Kontakt bleiben, wenn sie nicht drehen und was die Twilight Saga mit ihnen "gemacht hat".

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Kristen über den Unterschied zwischen dem Dreh der Hochzeits- und der Geburtsszene
On doing the wedding and birthing scenes, Kristen revealed, “It’s funny comparing the wedding scene to the birth scene, the experience of it. They couldn’t have been more different. I cleared my head so successfully before I walked down the aisle that I just didn’t think. No choices were made, it just happened. As with the birth scene, I just wanted to push it further and further. I didn’t want to stop shooting it and that’s because reading the book is so viscerally grotesque. It hurts to read it but at the same time, the most beautiful thing is coming out of it. She is achieving all of what she’s dreamed of and it is literally summed up in what’s inside. It’s in the baby and obviously, it defines her character. She has been talking about being able to throw it all away. I will die for this. That’s a grand statement to make and so to see her get within an inch of that is as if she was not lying. She’s a machine. It was cool to play raw emotion that was so fundamental. Every human being can relate to it as if the role was very physical.”

Kris über ihre Beziehung zu Rob und Taylor 
On how close the three of them have become, Kristen disclosed, “We are so lucky to have each other in this. It’s funny. We don’t have the type of relationship that you find on sets that you know each other within a very particular context like only on the set of ‘Twilight.’ Every time I remember that I have not talked to Taylor in a while, it rather worries me. It shocks me going whoa, where is he?A perfect example was the other day when we put our hands in cement at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I felt ridiculous looking down at my tiny hands. I was just thinking like God, I can’t believe this is happening and then you look to the right, you look to the left and it makes sense. Taylor and Robert are amazing. I couldn’t have done it without them. It would have just been a very different experience.”

Taylor über ihre enge Beziehung und gemeinsame Essen, wenn denn Zeit ist :)
The charming 19-year-old Taylor confirmed, “The three of us are so close we are able to talk as friends. We have grown up together for the past four years and that has been a major help. It made things a lot easier.”

When not working, Taylor revealed that the three of them spend time together. “When we are on set, the mood is very light and we have a lot of fun together. Whenever we wrap, whatever time we have left over we will go out to eat.”

Rob über Edward´s Rolle (in Bezug auf Edward) und Edwards "Charakteränderung" in Part 2
Robert explained, “It is even more extreme in the book. He literally says to Jacob, you would be better with her. As soon as Bella gets pregnant with this thing, a matter that’s growing inside, it’s as if all the doubt and the self-loathing that he’s felt in all the other ones overwhelm him. He just cannot control himself. He can’t handle it all. He has to let go of his ego, his past and just rebuild himself. In the second part of the movie, he is basically a different person.”

Rob über die Freundschaft zu Taylor und Kristen
As for their bonding, the down-to-earth Robert said, “It is really incredible that we did five movies and we are still the best of friends. Some people do movies together and start as friends. Then in the end, they are no longer friends. So to be able to share and go through this same experience with two other people is earth-shattering.”

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