Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

Was zur Hölle?

Auf Rob's Closet habe ich einen interessanten Artikel gefunden. Obwohl, es ist mehr eine Liste von Ziaten aus New Moon (dem Film)  in denen das Wort 'Hell' vorkommt und das ist nicht gerade selten :O
1. Carlisle: … even if we are damned.. <---- don’t even get me started on the ‘D’ word
Bella: ..damned as in.. HELL? <--- yes, it still counts there
2. (Bella pulls up with dirt bikes at Jacob’s house)
Jacob: Bella! Where the HELL have you been, loca??
3. (Bella runs in to her kitchen after seeing Laurent and the Wolf Pack)
Bella: Charlie! They are NOT bears.. they’re.. they’re.. wolves!
Charlie: What? Bella, what the HELL are you doing out in the woods??
4. (Bella jumps off cliff, Jake rescues her)
Jake: Bella! What the HELL were you thinking??
5. (Bella comes home after cliff diving)
Alice: Bella, do you want to tell me how you’re still alive? What the HELL were you thinking jumping off a cliff??
6. (In Volterra, after the Edward rescue)
Felix: The girl comes with us.
Edward: You can go to HELL.
7. (Jacob throws rocks at Bella's window)
Bella: Jake, what the HELL are you doing??
8. (Charlie telling Bella she should go to Jacksonville)
Charlie: Bella, your behavior is starting to scare the HELL out of me.
9. (At the Vote)
Emmett: I vote, HELL yes! We'll find some other way to pick a fight with these Volturi!
10. (After the movies with Jessica, when Bella gets on a bike with a stranger)
Jessica: Ok, do you want to tell me what the HELL you were thinking??
11. (Bella sees the Wolf Pack cliff diving)
Jacob: It's scary as HELL, but it's such a rush.
12. (At the end, when Jacob reminds Edward of the treaty)
Jacob: You stay the HELL outta my head!

Wäre mir so gar nicht aufgefallen^^


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