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Kellan: Erste Bilder zu The Killing Game & Love, Wedding, Marriage + Neues Interview

 Hier erst einmal das Interview (Auszug)

“I’m blessed to be doing the Twilight movies because I know I get to make multiple movies,” Kellan says. “So, let’s go find some independents with meaty parts: let’s find a drama, let’s find a comedy, let’s find a thriller, let’s find a romantic comedy, a love story. I know my strengths and weaknesses. So, I might not take the great paying jobs of playing the frat guy, playing the jock, playing the preppy boy, because that’s what people see me as already. I’d rather do something a little different. It’s very tough for me to be seen as vulnerable or someone who could be beaten up, so its tough to get those roles, but I’m all for it.”

The planning has paid off. While Kellan is currently in Baton Rouge filming Breaking Dawn, the two-part finale to The Twilight Saga, it isn’t the first time he’s filmed in Louisiana. Just a few months ago, he was the lead in two films that could not have been more different. While shooting the action-thriller The Killing Game in Baton Rouge, he was also starring in the romantic comedy Love, Wedding, Marriage in New Orleans.

“It was really one of the best moments in my acting career: doing two movies at the same time, shooting three days here and driving down to New Orleans with a six-hour turnaround, putting on a suit to do Love, Wedding, Marriage for two days. Then, driving back up, putting on prosthetics, getting all bloody and fighting. I didn’t have a single day off for thirty-three days,” he says. “And I was the lead in those two movies. I loved it, because I haven’t had that opportunity. Doing these two completely different projects was so challenging and I thrived on it. I never felt so energetic. A lot of times I only had three hours of sleep.”

Und hier sehen wir nun das erste Bild aus seinem kommenden Film 'Love, Wedding, Marriage' an der Seite von Mandy Moore...


Das erste Bild aus 'The Killing Game' findet ihr HIER

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