Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2010

Michael Sheen Interview mit Ashley!

Ihr lest richtig, der Michael Sheen, unser Michael Sheen, Aro Michael Sheen hat ein Interview mit Ashley geführt und es ist großartig, ich könnt mich wegschmeißen und wünschte jemand hätte das auf Videoband festgehalten ;O

Aber lest selbst, hier ein paar Auszüge!

SHEEN: Thank you. Well, look, let’s take a second and go back to the beginning, Ashley Greene. You grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. Is that correct?

GREENE: That is correct.

SHEEN: Now tell me about Jacksonville. What’s it like? And could you please sprinkle it with some alligator stories?

GREENE: I’ve only eaten fried alligator tail once.

SHEEN: So, you turn up in L.A. with your bus ticket in your hand and a year’s rent in your pocket, and then what happened? What were the first auditions like?

GREENE: The first audition I went on was Days of Our Lives.

SHEEN: Did you see Joey Tribbiani on there?

GREENE: No, unfortunately not.

SHEEN: Dr. Drake Ramoray?

Haaaa wie geil, wer Friends kennt weiß wovon Michael da spricht ;O

GREENE: I auditioned five times for it, and I met the producers—it was that thing where the first audition just went really well. I mean, I had a manager in Florida and I got my agent before I moved to California—I came out to L.A. all set up, and then I did extremely well in my first audition, so I had this kind of false hope in my mind. You know, everyone says it’s really hard, but then you come out and do extremely well the first go. And then reality hits, and it’s like nothing, nothing, nothing for a long time. Of course, I didn’t actually get the part on Days of Our Lives. They just toyed with me for a little bit.


SHEEN: I’ve heard that you are very attracted to pretty boys.

GREENE: Oh . . . um, no . . . He’s not a . . . I mean, all guys in Hollywood are kind of pretty.

SHEEN: Well, you’ve seen me, so you know that’s not true. This is just a fairly random question: When you met Adam Lambert, who was wearing more makeup, you or him?

GREENE: I think that he was, actually.

SHEEN: Yeah, I’ve seen the pictures. Twilight has obviously opened quite a few doors. Did I not see you as a fashion correspondent on the VMAs this year?

GREENE: I was, yeah.

SHEEN: So obviously you’ve developed an interest in fashion since the last time I saw you.

GREENE: You’re a jerk.

SHEEN: [laughs] Don’t say that. I’m the interviewer, and you can’t call the person who’s interviewing you a jerk. That’s the reason why I agreed to do this: I can do whatever I want. So tell me about fashion. Do you feel pressure every time you go out because you know that there’s a high chance that someone’s going to take a picture of you walking down the street? Do you feel a pressure to not dress in jean shorts and flip-flops?

Die Antwort auf diese Frage und das komplette Interview gibt's auf >>>!

SHEEN: Is it true that you always ask for a male body double because you have both sets of sexual organs?

GREENE: I might ask for a male body double because I have broad shoulders, but definitely not because I have two sets of organs, no.

SHEEN: Is it true that your Twitter name is HotForRob23?

GREENE: That’s absolutely not true.

SHEEN: Okay, last question: In exactly 10 years’ time, what would you like to be doing?

GREENE: I’ll be 32. Maybe having a baby?


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