Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2010

Emilie über Rob!

Das wohl beste Foto der Beiden! :D

PopSugar hielt vor kurzem ein Interview mit Emilie de Ravin ("Remember Me" & "Lost"). Eigentlich war es kein Interview unter vier Augen, denn der restliche Cast von "Lost" war auch anwesend. Aber natürlich wurde sie, nachdem alle Fragen mit dem Thema "Lost" beendet waren, nach Rob gefragt.

Hier ist ein Ausschnitt aus dem Interview:

Emilie de Ravin took the stage at today's TCAs in Pasadena where she answered
questions with all her Lost castmates before their last season starts Feb. 2.
After the panels, we snuck in one question about, who else, Robert Pattinson,
who she worked with on the upcoming Remember Me. It's one of the movie's we're most looking forward to this year, especially after the latest hot poster and
here's what she had to say. On working with Rob on Remember Me vs. her Lost
leading men:

Every experience with whoever you work with is always
different. I had a great time working with him. We really made a point of
working on our characters and their relationships and such. He's a really easy
going and nice guy to work with, which is always refreshing.


thx to twifans!



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