Montag, 21. Februar 2011

Kristen in L.A gesichtet

Und zwar gestern in einem Restaurant, Rob war nicht anwesend. Hier gibt's den Bericht...

Well imagine my luck getting to be in the same restaurant last night as K-STEW!!!
I was dining with my family and we had already had our starters when i popped to the loo.
As i walked in a girl walked out with her head bowed. I was busy chatting away and noticed my sister, like, gawping!
I actually didnt even notice the girl, she walked out and we sort of bumped shoulders, i didnt look round really, just saw a short girl looking down who muttered"oops sorry" as we walked into each other.
Anyway, she was like, "didnt you see WHO THAT WAS!!!" "Erm noooo" i replied, !"It was Kristen Stewart!!"
I couldnt believe i had paid no attention. The palm is nice, dont get me wrong but its not exclusive. Its quite a traditional place that yeh, celebs go but its not .... that cool...
We rushed out to find her but couldnt spot her and to be fair didnt want to cause a stir.
I scanned the place and spotted her, she was facing me but at least 6 tables away.
She had her hair in a pony knot and she was wearing a white t shirt. She was sat with a chubby woman and 2 men.
I begged my father to walk to bar and look at what she was eating. He said it looked like she had a coke and the Tomato Capri, tomato and mozarella salad.
They were all chatting quite serious like. Everyone in there was old and paid no attention.
The woman paid as our mains arrived and kristen got up. She was wearing grey wash denims and a red shoe, with a red bag.
The woman left first, followed by kristen and 1 man then the other. They jumped into a big blacked out window car and sped off.
I have no idea on much else. rob wasnt there. i did try taking a photo but a waiter came over and said" no photos please"
when i said "but its kristen stewart" he replied " would you like me to take a photo of you eating" really curtly.
He refused to confirm if it was her or not but who needs confirmation. It was k stew.
She is soooooooooooooo pretty!!!! sooooooo slim. when she walked past us she was so short!
Im 5ft3,sister is 5ft 5 and she was shorter than my sis who was wearing pumps!
wonder why she was dining there!!!!! why was such a little slim person eating salad and not their amazing steak!!
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