Freitag, 25. Februar 2011

Das Wolfpack unterwegs in Vancouver

Zumindest ein paar von ihnen. Da sind sie :)


Weitere Bilder: Gossip-Dance

Rob's Eltern wurden ebenfalls in Vancouver gesichtet...

"His Mom and Dad just happened to walk up close behind me and ask the counter clerk if they had anything soothing since she happened to have a cold. Something was said about how long they were in town and the answer was 'just 3 days'.

His parents by the way- seem to be totally in love- his Dad had his arm gently resting against his wife's waist the majority of the time they were walking outside, and I easily got the impression in the shop that he dotes on his wife with a huge amount of warmth and affection. (he does seem like a sweet Dad to have!).I also got the impression that she is the one who wears the pants in the family- lol, but in a polite "I'm a woman, of course I should be treated as a queen" kind of a way and duh! I think she's got that right. ;) And they were of course, both very polite. (They're English lol)"

via Robstenation

Ein Bild  + komplette Story: HIER


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  1. Die Eltern von Robert wurden doch tatsächlich auch forografiert. Es ist schon schlimm, wenn jetzt auch seine Eltern noch nicht mal in Ruhe einkaufen können. Das wird ja immer schlimmer und immer bekloppter.
    Respekt vor Intimsphäre (JA auch beim shoppen!) schein keiner mehr zu kennen.


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