Freitag, 26. Februar 2010

Taylor steigt aus!

Also nicht aus seinem Auto, obwohl er das sicher auch des öfteren tut, es sei denn er wohnt in seinem Auto, was ich nicht glaube...was wollte ich? Ach ja, Taylor steigt aus und zwar aus dem Filmprojekt 'Max Steel'

Just last week we marveled at the sheer number of projects "Twilight" star Taylor Lautner had in development, and perhaps he was starting to feel the pressure too. After dropping out of "Northern Lights" earlier this week, the 18-year-old has parted ways with another project, "Max Steel," based on the Mattel toy, reports New York magazine's Vulture blog.

Sources say it was his "Stretch Armstrong" collaboration with rival toy company Hasbro that was the impetus for Taylor's departure. According to Vulture, Taylor realized Hasbro was doing a better job with its movie properties than Mattel. To wit, the toy company has leveraged board games Candy Land, Battleship and Risk into high-profile projects and had earlier success with a couple small flicks called "G.I. Joe" and "Transformers." Added one source, "When you sign up to make a movie with Hasbro, you know it will be in theaters a year later."

Less of Taylor Lautner is never a good thing, but we can't say we're too sad to see "Max Steel" go. While the toy is wildly popular internationally, it doesn't seem to have much name recognition here in the U.S. Though we will mourn those could-have-been shirtless scenes. Sigh.

So to recap, Taylor's current project list is comprised of "Cancun," "Abduction" and "Stretch Armstrong." And "Breaking Dawn" if Summit ever gets around to it. Still a lot for the rising actor, but a more manageable list, for sure.


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  1. Ich denke, dass die Entscheidung von Taylor auf jeden Fall richtig war. Alle Filme die von Hasbro kommen, waren mehr oder weniger schlecht und wenn man das Ziel verfolgt, als Schauspieler ernst genommen zu werden, sollte man definitiv nicht auf jedes Angebot eingehen...


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