Samstag, 26. Dezember 2009

Taylor sexy Schauspieler 2009!

Celebrity-Mania haben ihre persönliche Top 10 der sexiesten Schauspieler 2009 zusammengestellt und TAYLOR ist auf Platz 1 gelandet!

had to thank his hot bod for keeping his Jacob Black role in "". After almost getting cut back due to his boyish appearance, he bulked up and impressed many when taking off his shirt in lots of his scenes for the Chris Weitz-directed film. A plus point for this 17-year-old is that he knows how to style himself. He is often seen donning suit as well as stylish outfit whenever he has to attend formal event. And, there will be plenty more of him to see as the "Twilight Saga" continues

#5 Kellan Lutz

clearly doesn't get his muscular body easily. The 24-year-old actor, who was often spotted flashing his six-packs while he was working out, once opened up about his secret of maintaining his shape. "I love to swim. I'm a fish, I have a pool in my backyard so every morning I will go swimming, even when it's colder I'll try to," the Emmett Cullen of "Twilight Saga" series told Seventeen magazine. Though he has an outstanding body, Kellan was often sporting a simple look while attending formal events by wearing standard formal suits.

#9 Alex Meraz

never got the chance to expose his chiseled torso. When he was involved in the production of Chris Weitz-directed movie "" however, the Paul depicter was seen flashing his amazing abs as he took on the role of wolf pack's volatile member. His downside, in the meantime, is the fact that he prefers donning casual outfits instead of sporting formal suits while attending special events. Still, the 24-year-old can be expected to show off his ripped body in "".

Aber wo zum Teufel steckt Rob Fragezeichen gefolgt von vier Ausrufezeichen.



  1. rob ist zu sexy für diese liste ;P

  2. TO hot for the list and to hot for this world!

    Tink weiß was ich meine *zuschwinker*

  3. Selbstverständlich wird "to(o)" mit zwei "O" geschrieben! Sorry, ich hoffe ihr könnt mir verzeihen. Ich was nicht die Tastatur war schuld;)


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