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Video von Kristen und Karl Lagerfeld - Kristen schreibt Autogramme - 30.Januar 2012

Hier zeigten wir euch schon einige Bilder von Kristen und Karl Lagerfeld gestern in Paris (im Bistrot Vienne) nach/während dem Shooting für die Vanity Fair. Nun gibts ein Video zum Ansehen, welches man leider nicht einbetten kann *arrg*

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Einen kleinen Artikel gab es dazu auch. Kristen´s Fotoshoot scheint vielversprechend zu sein, und es ist für sie erstmal nicht das Letzte. Sicherlich gibt es mehrere Termine, den Balenciaga hat ja einige Kleidungsstücke zu promoten^^ Und unsere Kleine ist in den letzten Tagen wieder von A nach B gerannt.

Bella is in the house! The Twilight lead arrived in France this monday, to shoot for the magazine Vanity Fair. And to add to her trip in Paris, Kristen Stewart got to hang out with Karl Lagerfeld ...

Vanity Fair doesn't do things halfway so Kristen was invited to Paris for a glamourous shoot. And we dressed up Bella with the most beautiful French designs.

That's how, Monday, after wriggling to escape the paparazzi at the Roissy airport, Kristen Stewart spent her afternoon in the garden of the Palais Royal for an haute couture shoot. Dressed up in Dior Hate-Couture for the Fall-Summer 2012 collection, in a grey princess dress embellished by feathers et coiffed with a 'fascinator', a pretty black hat gently placed on her head, the Beauty posed for Mario Testino's camera.

We can imagine easily the result of this shoot for a Vanity Fair cover, especially since Kristen plays the charming Amazon, surrounded by guards in uniforms and riding beautiful white horses.

Kristen Stewart could barely catch her breath, when she had to meet, the same night, another master of the French Haute Couture, Karl Lagerfeld - with whom she had a meeting to pose for the second part of the photoshoot. At the Bistrot Vivienne, despite her bodyguards' efforts to cover the windows, our camera didn't miss anything of the complicity between the two stars.

Kristen Stewart, Balenciaga new muse, doesn't turn down any fashion whim. Soon in theaters with Snow White and the Huntsman - alongside Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron, and the movie is produced by Palak Patel (who worked with Tom Burton on Alice in Wonderland) - the lovely brunette is building herself a solid career.

But she doesn't forget the audience that made her success: the 'teenagers', fans of hers since her role in the vampire saga. A lot of them were waiting in front of her hotel, le Meurice. After a few pictures, Kristen fled to her room for a well deserved rest, before attending a new day of photoshoots.
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