Montag, 3. Januar 2011

BD Cast auf dem Weg zurück nach Baton Rouge


Kellan, Dakota & Ashley ebenfalls auf dem Weg nach Baton Rouge...

Ashley Greene: Studded Boot Beauty

Weitere Bilder von Ashley: JustJared Dakota: Twifans, Kellan: Twifans

Rob und Kristen wurden am Flughafen Heathrow (London) gesichtet und außerdem im Flieger nach New Orleans...

So...Kraig and I were just sitting on the plane waiting for it to take off to new orleans...our seats we're fit next to the door and I looked up to see robert pattinson walk right by our seats and sit only a few rows in front of us...we asked the stewardessand she said it was him and we road on the same plane for three hours with both of ten right in front of us!

Außerdem sind inzwischen noch weitere Leute vom Cast in Baton Rouge angekommen...

erikodom Back in it here

@judishekoni The party has started again!!!

Amadou Ly: Good Morning from Baton Rouge. Had a great flight.

@peterfacinelli Back at work. Having my make-up applied. How many men can say that on a Monday morning.

@JanelleFro Yes! And we’re back on set. I love these people.

Cameron Bright  Heading back to Baton Rouge tomorrow.

LisaHowardNYC Waiting at LaGuardia airport. So crowded! Looking forward to seeing my new vamp friends again:-)

Valorie Curry Waiting in the most epic line in airport history. Everybody, cross your fingers that I make my flight!



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