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Und noch ein Post zum Material auf der Breaking Dawn Teil 1 DVD

Neben Screencaps, Gifs und Videos die man davon ja so machen kann, haben wir hier noch ein etwas anderes Schmankerl...

Ein weiteres Video haben wir hier.

Breaking Dawn Regisseur Bill Condon hat sich den Film angesehen und ihn mit seinen ganz eigenen Kommentaren und Hintergrundinfos für die Fans versehen. Ich selbst liebe die Twilight und Eclipse Kommentar-Sektion auf den DVDs. Und ich werde mich auch auf Bill´s Eindrücke freuen. Besonders wenn man diese ersten Infos darüber erhält.

Grob gesagt spricht er über:
- Kristen (Lob, Lob, Lob^^)
- Kristen´s und Rob´s Vertrautheit --> "Einfachheit" der Sexszenen
- ein paar Szenen, die leider rausgeschnitten/gekürzt werden mussten
- zu Beginn des Films hören wir einen Teil von Renesmees Lullaby, auch wenn Jacob am Strand mit dem Wolf Pack erzählt
- Bill könnte K später mal als Regisseur sehen, Rob als Writer und Taylor als Produzent
- Kristen hat sogar mal für Bill gekocht
- Rob ist einfach sooo einfühlsam mit Kindern --> Vorfreude auf BD 2!!!!!

Das Transkript von epnebelle Tweets bekommt ihr nach dem *Klick*

Highlights of Bill Condon's commentary via epnebelle's tweets.

1st thing Bill says is he hopes the cut scene of the Volturi from the beginning "will make it to a longer cut years down the line" YEARS?!
Bill: "Kristen...I don't know if everyone knows this...she's the ultimate Twi-hard."
Bill Condon is pretty much fangirling over Kristen during this entire commentary...
re: last week of shooting & filming Jacob/Bella dance "These 3 actors knew this was the last time they would be playing these parts ever, and they were very aware of it and Kristen's not overtly sentimental but I think there were a lot of tears on all sides"
Bill Condon: "I could spend this entire commentary gushing about these actors & I'll try not to"
Did we know that Lizzy Pattinson "sings" in the music as B/E drive away from Forks for their honeymoon? I don't think I did.
"Kristen...she's growing up so fast...I think she looks especially beautiful in this chunk of the movie." (honeymoon)

Re: honeymoon sex "I think people know there was an earlier more explicit version of wasn't that much different but there was more a sense probably that they were having sex"
That thrust that he did just as we fade out...we had a little more of that, so we sort of pulled back on that"
"They were great sports about it & obviously very comfortable w/ each other..I can't imagine this without their comfort level w/ each other"
Re: Rob and Bella black lingerie "His reaction was just completely him responding in the moment...I love it, its just great to see him smile"

Theme that opens the movie is a snippet of Renesmee's Lullaby, and they also use a bit of it on the beach when Jacob talks about imprinting.
They shot the scene from the book of Bella and Edward acknowledging that they've figured out a way to have sex without destroying the house or injuring Bella and Bella tossing around the idea of staying human a little longer. Bill really liked it but felt it didn't go anywhere dramatically. I swear we better get deleted scenes down the road. Still can't believe there are none on this dvd. Ridic.
Bill can see Kristen as a director, Rob as a writer & Taylor as a producer and studio head.

re: Bella examining her tummy in the mirror "We debated if Kristen needed a little appliance, but she just stuck her belly out a little bit"
They also originally shot Peter and Ashley on the phone with Bella but decided they didn't want to make the cut away from Bella to show them.

It was apparently almost impossible to get a visa for the Brazilian actress playing Kaure so she could go to Baton Rouge to finish her scenes, and it took "someone calling someone who knew someone in the Obama White House and really getting some strings pulled"
Bill talking about Kristen cooking for him in Baton Rouge ("a great amazing cook")
They cut the Jacob throwing the dog bowl at Rosalie scene because it didn't feel right to have comic relief at that moment.

re: Edward hearing the baby scene and Rob/babies "You look at Rob here, you get a little hint of what you'll see a lot of in the 2nd film. He is unbelievably tender with babies...with children...not just babies...he was with Mackenzie too. There's something that changes about him when he's with children. He's just so sweet and caring and I think you really get a little glimpse of that here."

Shooting the birth scene is one of the most memorable nights Bill has ever had on a movie set.

re: birth/trying to revive Bella - "You have this intensity from Rob and Taylor...because Kristen made it so real, they're imagining what it would be like to lose Kristen...both of them talked about that."

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