Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

Dakota Fanning ist das Werbegesicht für Marc Jacobs Parfüm "Oh Lola"

Dakota ist das neue Gesicht für Marc Jacobs neues Parfúm mit dem Namen "Oh Lola"...In den USA ist es ab dem 27. Juli erhältlich. Mal sehen, ab wann wir unsere Nasen daranhalten können....

via Twilightish
"Following on from the mammoth success of Marc’s Daisy Eau So Fresh fragrance (sister to Daisy) earlier this year, Marc is also launching a new Lola juice called "Oh, Lola!" And Dakota Fanning is its face.
Oh, Lola! is original Lola’s younger sister. Still just as playful with the signature flower lid in hues of pale pink, the scent follows the bottle’s lead with a lighter fragrance housed within. Where Lola had notes of spicy pink pepper and ruby red grapefruit paired with sultry vanilla, creamy musk and tonka bean, Oh, Lola! is more sparkly, than sexy, with raspberry, frais des bois and pretty peony. It does, however, share the same sweet vanilla and tonka bean notes to provide familiarity. Lola fans should love this fragrance for summer as it’s just plain pretty, but if you liked idea of the original but found it a tad too much then this is for you.


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