Sonntag, 11. November 2012

Photos & Videos von Nikki, Ashley, Jackson & stephenie Meyer @TentCity

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You guys. I'm speechless. You made my first singing experience on stage so special. Thank you for being so supportive.…

And thanks for not laughing at my half-cry up there. Seeing all of your faces made me so emotional. What a wonderful t…

A new Alice! Look who I found at fan camp....

P.S. You guys made my mascara run bc you made me tear up a bit- but you're all AMAZING and so worth it! Can't express how thankful I am! 

you did great today lady. Proud of you :)

was insane! Too much fun MCing and introducing the bands, as well as Stephanie! I love ! ...I'll be back....

via Gossip_dance / via / TwilightLexicon

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