Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

Trackliste des SWATH Soundtracks

"The details for the soundtrack album for epic fantasy adventure Snow White and the Huntsman have been revealed. The album features the film’s original score composed by James Newton Howard, as well as the new original song Breath Of Life by Florence + the Machine. Universal Republic will release the soundtrack on May 29, 2012."


1. Snow White
2. Ravenna Poisons The King
3. Tower Prayers
4. The Wedding
5. Something For What Ails You
6. Escape From The Tower v2
7. You Failed Me Finn
8. White Horse
9. Passage To Fenland
10. Fenland In Flames
11. Sanctuary
12. White Hart
13. Hike To Hammond Castle
14. Poisoned Apple
15. Snow White Wakes Up
16. Warriors On The Beach
17. Snow Confronts Ravenna
18. You Can’t Have My Heart
19. Coronation 2:11 
20. Breath Of Life by Florence + The Machine

Wann der Soundtrack bei uns erscheint, ist bis jetzt noch nicht bekannt. Sobald wir etwas erfahren, lassen wir es euch hier natürlich wissen.

via SWATHFansite

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