Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2011

Neues Fanfoto mit Kristen am SWATH-Set

Und hier haben wir noch einen kleinen Bericht zum Foto:

on set of SWATH today.
I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I saw her from the distance, just a few yards away. When I thought I wasn’t going to meet her after waiting for more than 7 hours after being told I simply won’t get to see her plus many securities are there. Thing is, I know she’s not gonna be in England all the time, so i gotta grab this chance before she leaves in Nov. There’s a voice in my heart kept me going. Yea corny whatever. And believe me it’s freezing outside and I need toilet…

Then everything happened so quickly, and when I ran up and called her after she went in the gates, hesitated a sec and came back out alone (without her bodyguard,what?! makes me feel like ‘Phew they didn’t think I’m some crazy person’ thank god ;). It’s still surreal to me when she came up to me with her little shy smile and said Hi and shakes my hands. I couldn’t control my tears after she left. happy tears of course. It feels like a dream.

P.S I’ve promised the publicists not to reveal her costumes until it hits cinema so I’ve crop it out.

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