Sonntag, 11. Juli 2010

Nikki über Rosalie Hale

It ain't easy being undead. The Twilight movies are getting harder to make as the books' plots become more involved and cover more of the characters' back stories, says actor Nikki Reed, who co-stars again in the third movie Eclipse as vampire Rosalie.

"In order to make a series, the story has to unfold, other characters have to come in," Reed says. "It adds a layer as each film progresses and it's more difficult to shoot."
Eclipse, filmed last summer and fall in Vancouver and currently in theatres, delves into Rosalie's history, with Reed filming scenes set in the Depression era when her character was still human, a naive society girl.
Just a few minutes of those scenes ended up in the finished movie, another challenge to making the movies.
"I hope they show up in an exended cut [on DVD]," Reed says over the phone from Los Angeles, where the Eclipse PR machine continues rolling.
Stephenie Meyer's third novel gives more depth to Rosalie, who is hostile in the first two books to the human teen played by Kristen Stewart.
"I had always been excited about making it to this film, obviously." says Reed. "Just for the sake of finally being able to justify Rosalie's behaviour. I've carried that responsibility with me, making sure that people get where she's coming from."

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