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Daily Mirror Interviews

Der "Daily Mirror" führte einen regelrechten Interviewmarathon mit dem einigen Twilight Darstellern durch...Hier könnt ihr euch nun durch die einzelnen Artikel lesen-have fun :)

Ladies first^^ wie das so schön heißt...Kristen spricht darüber, wie es war, als ihre Schulkameraden erfuhren,dass sie schauspielerte und weshalb sie mit Jungs/Männern besser klar kommt/kam, außerdem was das Gute daran ist, berühmt zu sein und was sie davon hält, jung zu heiraten^^...
By Lauren Williams

Twenty-year-old Kristen Stewart has been acting since the age of nine, but it wasn’t until she landed the role of Bella Swan in the Twilight series that she became a mega star – a status she’s not entirely comfortable with. Known for being moody and awkward in interviews, and sparing with the smiles, Kristen hasn’t always had a great relationship with the press. Coupled with her dislike for lying, she’s struggled to show the side her fellow cast members have grown to love. But as she waves goodbye to her teens, she tells us she’s way more confident. And, while she doesn’t like dumb questions (or queries about dating Robert Pattinson), we discover she’s a bright, sparky talker and feel lucky to pin her down for a refreshingly laid-back chat about life in the spotlight…

Was it difficult being an actress when you were still at school? I was happy to leave school at 14 and study on set, because it took a load of work off my shoulders. The fame and the pressure was taken off because they had been failing me in school. I was never the type of girl to walk around talking about being an actress, so I didn’t get a whole lot of sh*t until someone found out. I was playing it down, but I definitely got, ‘Oh, she’s such a bitch!’ I was like, ‘You’ve never spoken to me, but you think I’m a bitch? Great.’

Is it true you get on better with men than women? I just don’t know many girls my age. When I was at school I couldn’t relate to kids my own age. They were mean. You can’t generalize about people because I’m sure some of those kids were brave, but they don’t give you any chance.

Because everybody thinks they know you? Everybody knows me, so I can never be just a new person to someone. I can never just walk in and say, ‘Hey, nice to meet you. I am just some girl. You have no idea who I am.’ I am always introduced to people with them having an impression of me. It is so weird. I am so aware of it, it probably changes me.

But there must be some perks of the job, right? The biggest one is that I am in a position to make choices as an actor. That is so rare. The lucky ones get to carve out a path, and it is really indulgent working with good people. As soon as you become someone who people know, you just get offers. With Twilight, we all really got lucky. Because of it I could make Welcome To The Rileys and everyone would be like, ‘Let’s go see the Twilight girl in a stripper movie!

Taylor wurde unter anderem gefragt, ob er sich an sein Berühmtsein schon gewöhnt hat, was er sich von seinem  erarbeiteten Geld geleistet hat und was er macht, wenn er mal nicht arbeitet...
By Lauren Williams

He began his Twilight journey with a small role in the first film. But now for some, 18-year-old Taylor eclipses Rob Pattinson in the heart-throb stakes. While his two co-stars speak their mind, Lautner, with his big white-teethed smile, always says the ‘right thing’. Today, his bulky body is hidden by blue jeans and a black tee. He settles down for a catch-up, all embarrassed by his ‘hottie’ status…

Have you got used to being so famous? You actually never do because it’s just not normal to walk out on stage and have thousands of people screaming at you.

How do you avoid attention? You have to be smart about where and when you decide to go places. Walking down Rodeo Drive in LA is probably not a good idea. I find certain hangouts where I know I can have fun, enjoy it and it’s also a safe place to be.

What have you been spending your money on? It is tough to go shopping when you are busy. You don’t want to purchase something extravagant, because you are just going to leave it behind. One thing my parents taught me is to save my money because you never know what is going to happen. Tomorrow you may lose everything! My parents have been a big help. I make sure to have them on set to visit because it does get lonely, filming for three months, so I like bringing home to wherever I am. My friends visit quite often. I usually have someone there. I am never there by myself for too long.
Peter war auch dabei^^  

By Anna Jury
We stopped ourselves swooning for long enough to ask Twilight’s Peter Facinelli, 36 (who play’s Carlisle, Edward’s adoptive father) about biting fans, sharing sex god status with R-Pattz, and vamp sexiness

How do you feel about your sex god status? Wow, I’m getting red in the face. I don’t know, am I a sex god? The fans of the Twilight films have always been wonderful, so I can’t complain whatsoever.

Do you think Robert Pattinson steals a lot of the attention away from you? If Rob takes the attention off me then I’m happy to take whatever is left over because there’s plenty to go around for everyone in the cast. I don’t know how Rob handles it. I know how much attention I get and it’s crazy and he gets so much more than me, I can’t imagine how he does it. To have your life under a microscope like that when you’re only 24. He can’t even walk down the street to get a coffee without paparazzi jumping out of the bushes. If it was me I think I’d go crazy, it must be very difficult. 
What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for her?

My wife and I just had a wonderful weekend in Mexico so that was quite romantic and I like taking baths with her. I like putting the candles out and just taking a nice hot bath, that’s sexy. Water and candles, there’s something sexy about that.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for her?

My wife and I just had a wonderful weekend in Mexico so that was quite romantic and I like taking baths with her. I like putting the candles out and just taking a nice hot bath, that’s sexy. Water and candles, there’s something sexy about that.

gesamte Interview (es lohnt sich)

Rob darf natürlich auch nicht fehlen:D Er sprach über Edward, Bel Ami, was in wir in seinem Kopf hören würden, wenn wir Gedanken lesen könnten und auch über WFE...

By: Lauren Williams

Robert Pattinson appears a little befuddled. The Twilight heart-throb has come straight from a night-shoot on the movie he’s filming, Water For Elephants, into our interview. In real life, Rob couldn’t be further removed from the character he plays in the Twilight saga, Edward Cullen. He’s warm, funny, and, in sharp contrast to Edward, very relaxed. There are no pouts and fiery-eyed stares from Pattinson. He and co-star Kristen Stewart will not discuss their off-screen relationship, despite ’jokingly’ stealing a kiss on stage at the MTV Movie Awards in June, but he’s happy to talk about anything else, from the serious to the trivial. Clearly, he was not built for superstardom – he finds the interview process awkward – but he’s loosened up since his early pre-Twilight interviews and luckily he’s not cursed with an A-lister’s ego. Dressed in jeans and white shirt, his famously wild hair neatly cropped, he settles down for a natter about life…
Have your mates ever called you Edward by mistake? People have called me Edward – not family, that would be weird! My mates might have done it to rib me. They don’t really know about Twilight, but some of them found out about this R-Pattz thing, so now one of them always calls me R-Pattz, which he thinks is hilarious.

Edward can read thoughts. If we could hear your thoughts, what would they sound like? Complete silence, dust blowing in the wind. Or maybe just like white noise… 
You definitely play an amoral character in your next film, Bel Ami.Yes. There’s something fun about Bel Ami, going from Edward to some guy who pretty much abuses women to get money out of them. Edward so wouldn’t approve – and I thought that was a funny irony. In Bel Ami all the women my character screws over are all attracted to him to begin with, so he starts having affairs with them and destroys their lives.
You’re working with animals on Water For Elephants. How’s that? Almost every day I’m working with an exotic animal; there are scenes where I’m leading buffalo and elephants into cages. It’s insane, like I got bitten on the arm by a lion with no teeth. They were like, ’It’s fine, he does it all the time.’ And I was like, ’Erm, OK…’ But they had to get him to do it harder, because he was being so gentle and just licking my arm.

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