Montag, 16. April 2012

Neue "Bel Ami" Szene mit Rob und Christina Ricci

Ab dem 8.Juni läuft Bel Ami in LA und New York und ausgewählten amerikanischen Kinos. Ab dem 4.Mai gibt´s den Film auch als Video on Demand.
"What are you reading?" de Marelle asks Duroy.

"It's a letter from my father. Every week he puts on his best suit and goes to the priest and the priest writes a letter for him," Duroy reveals as he gets back into bed. "And every week it's the same thing: 'Your mother sends her blessings. [The] pigs have diarrhea, when are you getting married?' My father's a peasant, he's never left his village. And he's asking me for money."

"I'd like to see where you grew up," says de Marelle, who appears to be a young lady of the upper class.
"I'd like to see you there," Duroy says intimately before locking lips with de Marelle.
"Promise me something," she requests. "Don't bring your other women here."
"I don't have other women," he counters.

"All men have other women," de Marelle says, which Duroy refutes and the lady reacts incredulously.
"Honestly?" she says.
"Honestly and truly," he answers.

MTV via source

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