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Eclipse überholt New Moon in wenigen Tagen

Stand Dienstag, 17. August
Eclipse lockt auch nach 48 Tagen immernoch viele Zuschauer in die Kinos...Hier mal ein paar eindrucksvolle Zahlen:
Eclipse Nationale Einspielzahlen: 296,057,156 Dollar
Eclipse Internationale Einspielzahlen: 380.6 Mio Dollar
Insgesamt: 676,657,156 Mio Dollar

New Moon hatte nach 48 Tagen auf der Kinoleinwand übrigens "nur" 288,798,541 Dollar eingespielt-Eclipse im Vergleich hat 296,057,156 Dollar eingespielt. Man geht davon aus, dass Eclipse die Einspielzahlen von New Moon am Donnerstag überbieten wird.

Eclipse passes $296M domestic, $676.66M worldwide, set to pass New Moon in 2-3 days

Box office numbers are in for Monday, August 16. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse took in another $214,712 from 1,212 locations for a per theater average of $177 representing a decrease of 44.5% from Sunday. This gives the film a cumulative domestic total of $296,057,156 after 48 days in release. Adding in overseas returns of $380.6M gives Eclipse a current worldwide total of $676,657,156.

For those comparing the films in The Twilight Saga, at this point in its release history (after 48 days) New Moon had taken in $288,798,541. Eclipse is now at $296,057,156. Both films hit the $250M mark on the 16th day. The total domestic gross for New Moon was $296,623,634. Eclipse only needs about $566K to break that. If it holds today's numbers it will happen on Thursday (announced on Friday). That would put the film within striking distance of the elusive $300M mark, which it may pass by the end of next weekend.


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