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"Maps to the Stars" - Rachel Weisz unterzeichnet als Rob´s Co-Star

Ich weiß nicht genau, ob ihr euch noch daran erinnern könnt. Aber wir berichteten schon mal darüber, dass David Cornenberg schon die nächste Filmidee für Rob parat hat. Der Film trägt den Namen: "Maps to the Stars" und neben Rob wird darin auch Viggo Mortensen (Kristen´s Co-Star in OTR) zu sehen sein.
Nun wurde bekannt gegeben, dass Rachel Weisz auch für den Film unterschrieben hat.

Produktionsinfos gibt es dazu auch noch: Wichtigste Info an dieser Stelle für uns - Drehstart soll der Mai 2013 sein.

via TheFilmStage via RPLife
Breathe another sigh of relief, for David Cronenberg is assembling his next film. As was reported just when Cosmopolis had a world premiere, Canada’s best-known cinematic artist is making another endeavor with that film’s star, Robert Pattinson, and his newest favorite collaborator, Viggo Mortensen, on a Hollywood satire called Maps to the Stars. Already good, right? Well, there’s even more too add.

French site Allocine report that Rachel Weisz is now the cast’s third member — who, however, it has not been said — while a production start is being eyed for next May. Described as “very acerbic and satirical” by Cronenberg himself, Maps to the Stars, from what we understand, is a Bruce Wagner-scripted film which revolves around actors and agents, with a specific focus on “two child actors ruined by Hollywood’s depravity.” This central content, no matter if what we’ve heard is even true, has made this a difficult-to-implement project — movement actually began in early 2006, for instance — but when you get (for lack of a better term) stars in line, it can fall together. Respected producer Saïd Ben Saïd doesn’t hurt, either.

They’re good stars, too. Cronenberg has already shown an ability to coax wonderful and unexpected performances from Maps‘ male stars, while, on the other side of the gender coin, I think Weisz has already secured her own image. It’s still a little while off until cameras begin rolling here, but the news should be coming in on and off for the next six months. Tune in, because I think this has a chance of being something special.

Saïd Ben Saïd will be producing.

via Robstendreams

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