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Kristen´s Interview mit - Paris Fashion Week

Dieses neue Interview kommt gerade von der Pariser Fashion Week. Kristen´s Auftritt bei der Spring/Summer 2013 Show von Balenciaga zeigten wir euch bereits. saß nach der Show mit Kristen zusammen und dabei entstand dieses gelungene Interview. Grobe Anhaltspunkte für euch: sie spricht über ihre Zusammenarbeit mit Nicholas Ghesquiere, Florabotanica, das "in der ersten Reihe Sitzen" bei einer Fashion Show und das Ende der Twilight Saga.

Nicolas has said that your “rebellious femininity” is what made you a good fit for Florabotanica. That characteristic seems to have followed you around a lot recently, especially in your work. Do you think it’s a pretty true character assessment?
Especially recently right now—maybe this is my age—you either have the boldness of heart or lack of fear that might differ from other people or you don’t. A true rebel, someone who is genuinely, authentically rebellious, has no idea that they’re doing it. It’s just natural. If you’re aware of it than you’re a contrived, fake person. Having Snow White [and the Huntsman] and On the Road—even Balenciaga—everyone is saying, “You’re taking on these strong roles,” and everyone is asking if I’m trying to convey these strong female roles. And objectively, yes, I am. But there’s also a void there right now and people want to fill it.


Be honest: Are you happy or a little sad to put your Twilight days behind you?
As sad as it always is to leave something, the reason you start that project is so you can finish it. I hold it so close, as I do with all my projects. I could interview about Panic Room right now. I feel the same way with Twilight. I got to live in that world for four years and it was the most indulgent experience I’ve ever had. The amount of relief at being done is unbelievable—and even that is kind of sad.

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