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MTV: Comic Con 2012 - Was wir erwarten können

MTV berichtet heute darüber, was wir wohl vom Twilight Panel auf der letzten *ühüüü* Comic Con für die Twilight Saga erwarten können.

Sonderlich waghalsige Prognosen sind das zwar nicht ;) Aber es wäre doch schön, wenn wir den ein oder andern Clip oder einen neuen Teaser Trailer oder ein paar neue Promo Pics sehen werden.

Fakten, die uns freudig stimmen (sollten)

- Das Breaking Dawn 2 Panel eröffnett die Comic Con in der riesigen Halle H
- angelehnt an unser Wissen aus den vergangenen Jahren können wir mit unseren Lieblingsstars und ein wenig neues Material rechnen
- das, was gezeigt wird, muss gut sein! Denn die Honeymoon Szene aus dem letzten Jahr war schon eine ordentliche Vorlage ;)
- Rob, Kristen, TAylor und der Rest des Castes liebt die CC und ihre Sympathie miteinander sieht man einfach jedes Jahr
- Morgen Abend sollen einige Stars der Saga einen Überraschungsbesuch bei den Campern vor der Hall H abhalten

via MTV
‘Twilight’ Tuesday hears that some special guests might be greeting fans on Wednesday night in San Diego!
Who’s excited for an onslaught of “Twilight”-related news? Get ready, because in just a few short days, “Breaking Dawn – Part 2″ will be descending on San Diego Comic-Con for an epic farewell tour of sorts.
Not that we won’t ever see anything “Twilight”-related at the annual pop-culture convention again after this year, but because “Breaking Dawn – Part 2″ is the final film in the franchise and knowing how Summit and the film’s cast and crew pull out all the stops for their Comic-Con appearances, we can definitely expect big things from this year’s events. As such, this week’s “Twilight” Tuesday is all about getting psyched for the veritable feast of news, photos and cast appearances we can expect to devour in the next few days.
What we know so far is that “Breaking Dawn – Part 2″ will kick off the festivities in the convention center’s massive Hall H as the very first panel on Thursday. Again, we don’t know the official details, but judging from the franchise’s previous four appearances at the Con, there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing most of our favorite stars on the panel, as well as some new footage or a new trailer. And as I’ve mentioned for too many weeks to count, I’m ready to meet all those other vampires in an official capacity (well, the actors who play them)! I’ll take a Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner appearance any day, but the icing on the cake would be if halfway through the panel we get a surprise visit from all the new additions to the cast, like a fun Coven roll call or something.
MTV News caught up with Entertainment Weekly senior writer Sara Vilkomerson, a.k.a. the mag’s resident “Twilight” reporter extraordinaire, who agreed that Comic-Con is a big stop on the official promotional machine and we should expect to see something extra special before, after and during the film’s Hall H panel.
“We’re really now in the final stretch. I think the three of them [Stewart, Pattinson and Lautner], because the movie wrapped so long ago because they filmed ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1′ and ‘Part 2′ together, they don’t get as much time together,” Vilkomerson said of the three actors’ genuine enthusiasm for their Comic-Con appearances. “I think that it’s nice for them and just for the cast in general. I think they actually really, really like each other, so I think it’s nice, but I think it’s also going to be a little bittersweet, since it is going to be the end of things as we know it for a while.”
In speculating about what we might see during the panel, Vilkomerson said they’ll have to bring their A game after making thousands of fans melt into their chairs last year with a glimpse of the famous honeymoon scene.
“I’ve never seen anything like last year,” Vilkomerson recalled. “I remember they showed a clip from the honeymoon, and you could hear audible swooning all around! It’s really fun when you’re with the fans, who are so, so, so excited to be around everybody. I don’t know what their plans are, but I hope they do that sort of thing where they show a clip, maybe something with Renesmee or Bella hunting or maybe them having sex again as vampires — something that fans will be really waiting for.”
Speaking of the waiting game, for the past few years, there has been a dedicated group that camps outside the convention center in the days leading up to the Hall H panel. Rumor has it that there is something extra special in the works for those dedicated fans, and that event is set to take place at 9 p.m. Wednesday night outside of Hall H. A few special guests are rumored to be in attendance!
via Spunk-Ransom

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