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Gala Interview mit Rob (Scans) + englische Übersetzung

In der Gala ist ein neues Interview mit Rob abgedruckt, welches während der Promotion zu Water For Elephants in Berlin stattfand...Besonders schön die erste Frage auf dem 2. Scan des Interviews :) haha..."Reden ist Silber, Schweigen ist Gold" ^^

Danke an Coco, die uns darauf per E-Mail aufmerksamm machte.





English Version nach dem *Klick*

Gala: Do you remember the last time no one recognized you?
Rob: When was that? Oh yeah- recently when I had dinner. The receptionist told me there were about 18 people on the table right beside mine and I just thought: Great! A pack of teenagers! But there were 18 Asian children and no one knew who I was. That was the most relaxing dinner I had in a long time.

G: If you compare your life as a megastar now to your London chilly-life when you could tour around with your guys-what do you miss the most?
R: Meeting nice people. I know it sounds weird if someone with my job says something like that but I mean REALLY getting to know somebody. Mostly I have to think twice if I can trust someone, so a lot of relationships don´t go very deep.

G: Who was your idol when you were a teenager?
R: I never really idolized someone. Maybe Arsenal London (soccer team) - but that´s all.

G: Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz both got an Oscar – you were on the radar as a teenage heartbreaker. How was it on set?
R: It was really easy. You should work with the best because then you look better as well. Reese and Christoph were my assurance, if you would say so.

G: You´re always tortured in your movies. Does love always have to hurt?
R: Regarding my role in “Water for Elephants” yes. Because whenever I try to kiss Reese I get hit by someone. Laughs.

G: No matter what one thing is sure. In your movies you always have a thing with complicated relationships. A vampire who´s damned, a vet who falls in love with the boss´ wife…
R: That is fate. A love story doesn´t always have to have a happy ending. It could possibly end in a very good friendship. Everything else is just a cliché.

G: So the idea of a romantic, absolute love isn´t something for you?
R: Sure it is, absolutely! People in movies always have to fight and to work really hard to be happy in the end. In real life it happens easily and you simply have to open your heart.

G: How does a woman have to be to earn your heart?
R: Well, I always had a soft spot for women that really didn´t like me. I like it when someone is intelligent, talented and ambitious.

G: Like Kristen Stewart? ...
R: (Friendly silence)

G: Reese wasn´t so happy about the love scenes with you…
R: Hmm…Maybe Reese was just turned on? No, I think it was because it wasn´t that long till her marriage and so she didn´t feel very well making out with someone else.

G: Would you cheat on somebody with a married woman?
R: No, I´m really not the type who´s trying to get another men´s girl.

G: Was it easier to get to know your other female co-star?
R: Tai is not the way you´d imagine an elephant to be. She is just amazing. So patient and carefully. Once I lay underneath her and she wasn´t touching me at all. But she could have killed me with one wrong move. Only babies are as careful as animals. And when you´re working with adult actors then there´s always that kind of rivalry.

G: Do you mean Christoph Waltz?
R: No, I swear! Christoph is the funniest guy you could imagine. No need to be nervous. And now he always been asked if this “Robert Pattinson” could act. And he´s always taking position for me. You see: he´s a nice man.

G: Why does so many people still think you´re just a Teenie-Star?
R: That´s just the way it is. If you have great success you have to pay for it. Maybe even because of the fact that Twilight was so successful, I´ll have to prove that I can play other characters as well for the next ten years.

G: It looks like your kind of unsure and that you think you have to explain yourself to everyone as well as your success. Why is that?
R: I often don´t know what to answer. Do you have an idea? “How does it feel to be the Sexiest Man Alive”? Well, how you feel? Like an idiot!
But compared to my female colleagues’ I´m lucky because I´m a guy. I think they´ve been asked a lot more sexy questions.

G: Well, ask Brad Pitt…
R: Yeah, that´s true. I meant it´s normal for an actress to be sexy but for an actor it´s hard to be taken seriously once you´ve been handled as a sex symbol.

G: Other people would love to be in your position, to be the female heart throb for women all over the world. I guess right now there is only you and Justin Bieber.
R: I don´t get how I could land in this category. I totally respect Justin Bieber but we´re from two other worlds. I don´t know how it was possible to get the same emotions he did from women. But I guess it´s just the same group regarding the age of my fans. But for me it was never about being famous at all.

G: But you are famous now. So what are you going to do with that?
R: I´m sitting in my Hotel room, playing “Fall Down” on my iPhone all the time. It´s the most ridiculous kind of wasting time. But I could play it 16 hours a day.

G: That´s horrible.
R: I download other games, but with them I fall asleep very early.

G: Maybe you´re too stressed. A burn out?
R: No, I´m just running in a standby modus when I´m not working. That´s all.

G: You´re on tour around the world the most of your time that´s true. But nevertheless you adopted a dog recently. Isn´t your life a little too turbulent for taking enough care of a puppy?
R: I thought that at first, yes. But then I thought that living on set must be very good for him because there are always about 100 people out there taking care of him as well as me. And in my free time I can give him some lessons in my trailer.

G: Maybe you should make a career as a dog whisperer.
R: No, I already have one of my three dream jobs.

G: What are the other two?
R: Pianist in a Hotel Bar on the Reviera or a politician.

G: Okay, anyways something in the spotlight.
R: Every actor is desperate for admiration, I´m sure. But I´m doing it for myself as well. One can learn so much.

G: What is your dream role? Maybe a bad guy, such as Christoph Waltz likes to play?
R: In my next movie I finally get to shoot somebody. That´s something I wanted to do for a long time. Stepping in the office in the morning and….Bumm!

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  1. Lol! Bumm!^^ Was für ein tolles Ende für ein Interview...
    Es hat mich sehr berührt, dass sein größter Wunsch ist, endlich mal wieder jemanden tiefgründig kennenzulernen, dem er vertrauen kann... Mir könnte er vertrauen ;)


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