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Neue Turner Hochzeitsbilder von Rob und Kristen

Kristen und Rob in der hintersten Reihe. Rob mit dem Arm um Kristen.

via Neues Bild: Blick auf die Zeremonie-Sitzordnung

Höchstwahrscheinlich Kristen *eh?*

Und ein paar neue Berichte von der Hochzeit und Kristen und Rob´s "Verhalten" gibt es auch.
Auf dem Blog von Upstairson7th berichtet er/sie über den Abend und erklärt, dass Kristen ein schwarzes hübsches Kleid zur Zeremonie trug und sie und Rob sehr verliebt erschienen.
I will clear up one rumor because it is beyond preposterous. The tabloids are saying that Kristen Stewart wore jeans. No, she did not. She wore a very lovely black dress. All these kids sat in the back and I know because I did too and they did nothing that drew any kind of attention to themselves. I never even saw any of them on the dance floor. They took pictures with anyone who asked, and all the little girls could not have been more excited than when Zac stood and took pictures with all of them. I am sure the picture is from the after party but none of the adults stayed for that." WEITERLESEN

E!Online´s Marc Malkin
Robert Pattinson, 26, didn't just nosh on wedding cake and hang out: He hung out with Talent Resources CEO Mike Heller and played part-time DJ for the fête! Singer Matt White tweeted a photo of the actor intently focused on a MacBook, presumably picking out the next song for producer Kevin Turen and his bride Evelina Oboza's wedding.

A source tells E! News that Pattinson and Stewart "arrived holding hands and kept close much of the evening." They were, however, spotted mingling with guests throughout the evening. Pattinson donned a charcoal suit and tie, and Stewart wore a silk ensemble for the ceremony and recpetion. Later in the night, she slipped into jeans, a black tee and charcoal blazer. The party went on until around 5 a.m., and because of the high-profile guests in attendance, extra security was on hand just in case. WEITERLESEN

Celebuzz / TarynRyder
The Twilight stars partied with friends and guests like Zac Efron and Andrew Garfield, but the had couple only had eyes for each other.  “Rob and Kristen rarely left each other’s sides all night,” a wedding guest tells Celebuzz. “They arrived together, and were holding hands while talking with some of [the groom's] family.” 

Pattinson tried his hand at DJ’ing a bit, and Stewart looked on laughing as he tried to figure it out. “It was really cute,” adds the source. “When he was done he playfully ran over and grabbed her. They looked so in love! It seemed like they had a really fun night.” It was a long, fun night indeed– the party raged on until the sun came up. The couple also “kissed and laughed” the night away, but their PDA wasn’t obnoxious “just really cute,” according to Celebuzz sources.

Rob also spent time catching up with Andrew Garfield, who has been busy promoting The Amazing Spider-Man. Garfield was absent his on and off-screen love, Emma Stone who had work commitments
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