Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

Robsten beim Bobby Long Konzert - Hotel Café gestern Abend

Achtung Pappics!
Da schlägt das Robsten-Herz gleich 10x schneller! ;) 

Sexy Back Miss Stewart! :)

Und weil es einfach das Normalste von der Welt ist, seine Freundin an die Hand zu nehmen, haben wir es hier noch einmal näher rangezoomt. Einfach zu schön :)

Hier noch ein paar Tweets zur gestrigen Abend:

sarahhummert Bobby Long playing at Hotel Cafe. Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson standing next to me. Is that KStew and Rob in the background. Oops! Hehe. The twi-hard takes over.

 jefferydavid Hitting hotel cafe Robert Pattison just walked in with Kristen Stewart :)

 @dazzlesays: Kristen in a white concert tee! I touched her lol They're here robs in a beanie!! Kristen is leaning on him. They are sharing Stella.
 jennyc1They just walked in behind my added "totally PDA". Cute! Taystew is there too.

@robkris13: Yes RK wr hre. I dnt take pics of them when they're on personal time. I dont tweet abt it until after they've left.

  iampancakes It was so loud in there. People must have super human hearing! They just left hotel cafe.Rob's assistant was driving. Trolls need to GTFO.

  @TwiHardMonster: being in the same room as Robert pattinson and Kristen Stewart and not doing anything about it was the hardest thing I ever done. yes I was Kristen sure did recognize me we made eye contact a few times but I behaved wanted to respect them. what a trip seeing rob and Kristen twice In the same week damn I feel lucky. rob and Kristen are dining at the same restaurant as us just a different location

Drowninit Bobby was fab per usual. R/K were super cute and very affectionate. Basically every account of them ever again some more. #lovedup. They wr pretty well concealed against the wall & while anyone can guess at what was happening, a lot of the accounts are ridic. 

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